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Long Term Player Development (LTPD)

'The WWPSA Way' is built using the principles of athlete development and the principles of player development which utilizes a soccer-specific periodized model for training and development through the four corners known as LTPD (technical, tactical, physical and mental development of players through the phases of athlete development). LTPD is designed to take a player through the cognitive processes of acquiring new and enduring information relative to the game, through the steps of physical maturation specific to phases of development, and provide the necessary tools to translate knowledge and understanding into performance at the highest levels.


WWPSA's Long Term Player Development Objectives

  • To develop committed, soccer-savvy players who love the game and can play it well.

  • Teach players to use soccer and sport as a tool for overall physical and psychological well-being, to aid in the pursuit of academic success while acquiring life skills such as discipline, good character, decision-making and problem-solving. 

  • Develop technically and tactically sound players who will enjoy the game more and hopefully contribute back through the Club as a Coach, Parent or Administrator

  • Change the current mentality of the game for players, coaches and parents

  • Eliminate setting players up for disappointment i.e. “winning is all that matters”

  • Create lifelong soccer enthusiasts (Active for Life)

  • Produce better quality coaches

  • Produce better quality referees

  • Educate membership on the modern approach to LTPD